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We here at Hundred Acre Gardens have been raising and training animals for the past 40 years. We have owned and operated animal parks in four separate locations, spanning the course of four decades. We have done everything from training Dogs for K-9 Units at the Arizona Department of Justice and Corrections, to training and using our animals for the film and advertisement industry. One of our most memorable associations was a long standing contract supplying animals for Dream City Church in Cave Creek, Arizona, a sister church to the Crystal Cathedral Church in California. ( Every single year the Dream City Church puts on a very lavish and beautiful production for Easter and Christmas. We worked with them for several years and supplied Bears, Tigers, Camels,, even a Zebra, for their productions.
We have also done many, many educational programs for "The Ronald McDonald house," "Phoenix Children's Hospitals", Schools, Libraries, and State Fairs. We were even contracted by the Round Valley Chapter of the "Lions Club" in Arizona to be in a parade with one of our mature male Black Mane African Lions (who would only sit still if I sat with him and rubbed him the entire parade. It was quite the sight!).
We have shared our life with everything from Flying Squirrels to Tigers, Lions, many many Bears, Camels, Elephants, Reindeer, Zebras, and just about everything in between. Shae grew up a portion of his childhood on a working cattle ranch consisting of thousands of acres in Arizona. It was at this cattle ranch, "Buzzard Roost Ranch", that he gained a love of Horses and has since worked for decades improving and adding to specialized training techniques that are now commonplace among other successful world-renowned horse trainers. We have had the privilege to work with a wide range of Quarter Horses, Arabians, Thoroughbreds, Warm Bloods, Percheron, Belgian, Clydesdales and many other draft horse breeds, performing at Weddings, Plays, and other large events. It only makes sense for us to continue the work that we have loved. We now work with Trauma Therapy patients providing "Animal Assisted Therapy" and growth,  Carriage rides for Weddings and Family gatherings, Animal Actors for the Film and the advertising industry, and we raise a variety of exotics right here at our place.

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